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In the current climate of tight public spending and policy emphases on prevention and shifting the balance of health and social care, policy makers and health practitioners are interested in what health economics can offer public health and healthcare policy and practice in Scotland.

The aim of the Health Economics Network for Scotland (HENS) is to help improve the quality, sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency of the health and social care system.

The network will do this by:

  • bringing together users and producers of health economics evidence and analysis, providing a forum for sharing knowledge and skills
  • supporting the development and application of health economics knowledge, skills and methods across the NHS, third sectors and wider public in Scotland
  • facilitating collaboration between the academic health economics, policy and practice communities, across health and social care
  • identifying more efficient approaches to prevention and encouraging the use of health economics tools to inform shifts in resources into a more preventative health and social care system

The Quality, Efficiency & Support Team in Scottish Government supports and funds the network via the Scottish Public Health Network and NHS Health Scotland.

The network is open to anyone working in or interested in the application of health economics to improving quality, sustainability and effectiveness in health care services, and in the economics of prevention and population health.

We are looking to strengthen our reach into areas that play lead roles in health and social care integration and in prevention, for example, local government, Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) and the third sector.



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