The Scottish Health and Inequalities Impact Assessment Network (SHIIAN) is open to anyone working or planning to work on health impact assessments (HIA) and health inequalities impact assessments in Scotland. The network has been running since 2001, following the recommendation of the Review of the Public Health Function.


To increase the application and quality of Health Impact Assessments (including Health Inequalities Impact Assessment) and improve coverage of health issues in other assessment processes in order to contribute to improvements in policies and plans that will enhance population health and reduce health inequalities.


  • To increase the visibility and credibility of SHIIAN as a source of advice and support with HIA
  • To promote the use of HIA and HIIA
  • To improve coverage of health, including differential impacts, in other assessment processes
  • To improve access to high quality evidence for use in HIA and other assessments

Some of SHIIAN’s older work is available on the NHS Health Scotland website.

At present, the network communicates regularly by email to share ideas, issues and experiences. There are smaller working groups that undertake specific tasks.

Meetings are organised about specific themes or projects that are of interest to members and the wider public health and health improvement community. To find out more, join our mailing list by contacting:

Recent News

Margaret Douglas attended the SOPHIA (Society of Practitioners of HIA) workshop in Oakland, California at the beginning of March. You can see her slides and a report of the workshop here:

There is a call for papers on Health in impact assessment for a special edition of Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal (IAPA) here:
The UK Parliament Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment has now published its report ‘Building Better Places’. 66 conclusions and recommendations were made by the Committee; for further information please see the full report:

Recent Publications

August 2016 – SHIIAN published Health Impact Assessment Guidance for Practitioners:

‘The Scottish Health and Inequalities Impact Assessment Network has updated practical guidance on health impact assessment (HIA). The guidance may be used flexibly and adapted to suit particular circumstances. It includes guidance on:

  • the principles that underpin HIAs
  • the steps that HIAs follow
  • determining the scope of an HIA
  • evaluating an HIA report.’

July 2015 – SHIIAN published the Community venues and facilities for sports, leisure and culture – impacts on health: a Guide.

June 2015 – SHIIAN  published the Health Impact Assessment of Rural Development: A Guide.

February 2013 –  SHIIAN published the Health Impact Assessment of Housing Improvements: A Guide.



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