New Ways of Working


In 2011 ScotPHN initiated a programme of work on behalf of the Scottish Directors of Public Health (SDsPH) looking at how the public health function can be maintained in Scotland in times of constrained resources. The aims of this work were to:

  • Establish a baseline of public health activities across Scotland to meet the current challenges
  • Explore new ways of working which will maintain the public health capacity within Scotland
  • Exemplify the contribution of public health in promoting efficiency in health improvement interventions & health services disinvestment
  • Find a way of modelling the impacts of future change on public health functional capacity

A national consultation took place in April 2012 with representation from NHS and Special Boards on the report’s recommendations and proposed actions. A report for stakeholders is available on this page.

3 strands of work were developed from the workshop, with a DPH leading on each strand. These are:

  • Asset Based Approach
  • Implementation of the Health Protection Stocktake
  • Best value/efficiency

SCDC undertook a report on developing a ‘culture of thoughtfulness’ to support the ‘assets based approach’ strand; part of this work involved seminars in four NHS Boards. A report and a summary briefing are available here.

Additional strands in relation to the development of standards for public health and delivery within CPPs were added in 2013-14. The report on the work regarding standards (Developing Public Health Function Standards for Scotland: Emerging Themes and Prospects) and CPP delivery (“Providing Specialist Public Health input to Community Planning Partnerships and Integrated Health and Social Care Arrangments”) are available here.

Work on disinvestment was undertaken on behalf of the National Planning Forum in 2011 and updated in 2013. The combined documents are available on this page.

Since 2014 the work of the SDsPH has fed into the Public Health Review. (See also Public Health Review Engagement.)


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